This is Us: Christ-Centered Dating – Week 2

This is Us: Christ-Centered Dating – Week 2

It’s tough being single in our culture today. But do you realize that being single is not a bad thing? In fact, the Apostle Paul tells us that singleness is a gift. In this message, Mike shares how we can stay Christ centered in our singleness and in our dating relationships. We even learn from scripture how to know if it’s time to pursue a relationship.

Sermon Title: Staying Christ-Centered While Single and Dating

Sermon Notes

Our views about dating, marriage, and sexuality are made based on our worldview

In every stage of our life, God has a plan for our life

Being single is not a curse, singleness is a gift

It doesn’t matter if you are single or in a relationship, you are called to flee from sexual immorality

FLEE – A Strategy for Pursing Purity

  • F – Fill yourself with Christ.
  • L – Lock out the lies.
  • E – Exchange lies for truth.
  • E – Expose yourself to the light.

If you want a great love life – wait on God’s timing and follow God’s design