Our Vision & Core Values

Our Vision & Core Values

At Cornerstone, disciples are made who are experiencing new life in Christ, who are equipped to follow Christ, and who are engaging our community and world for Christ.

When Jesus transforms people, He does it from the inside out.  Jesus comes to live inside every believer, through the Holy Spirit, initiating dynamic transformation that can best be described as passing from death to Life.  He then begins to live out His Life through us as we surrender to Him and live in intimate connection with Him; this is the essence of discipleship.  We believe that, as this happens, the Life of Jesus will begin to manifest itself in 3 primary relationships:

  • Our relationship with God (Experience)
  • Our relationship with others (Equip)
  • Our relationship with the world (Engage)

Our Relationship with God – Experiencing New Life in Christ

Our relationship with God can be described with two words, Spiritual Growth and Worship. Spiritual Growth means that we grow in our knowledge and experience God in many different ways as He begins to form His character in us.  Worship is the outward expression of what God is doing in our lives. We seek to honor and glorify God in every aspect of our lives, from our finances to the integrity of our relationships at work and home, to our personal worship and our corporate gatherings of worship on Sunday mornings.

Our Relationship with Others – Equipping Others to Follow Christ

Our relationship with others can be described with two words, Community and Evangelism.  Inside of the church, we call this community.  At Cornerstone, we believe in authentic intentional relationships. As we live in authentic community with other believers, Christ uses those relationships to change and grow us up in Him. Outside the walls of the church, sharing Life with people who don’t yet know Jesus is called evangelism. We are called to extend the love, grace, and hope of Jesus to a lost and dying world, and it starts with us!

Our Relationship with The World – Engaging Our Community and World For Christ

Our relationship with the world can be described with two words, Service and Missions. Inside of the local church, we function as the hands and feet of Jesus through service.  Each of us discovers and uses our spiritual gifts to keep the body of  Cornerstone healthy and thriving in an area of service that matches our gifts and passions. Outside the walls of the church, being the hands and feet of Jesus is called missions.  Whether it is down the street or across the ocean we desire to make a tangible and significant difference for the Kingdom of Christ outside of the four walls of our church.

Our Core Values – They guide our actions and show our strengths.

  • Truth – We will use the Bible as our authority and guide
  • Grace – We believe in second chances
  • Celebration – We will celebrate what God is doing
  • Authenticity – We are real people who value real relationships
  • Transformation – We are growing to become more like Jesus
  • Generosity – We will be radically generous
  • Commitment – We will be the church every day of the week
  • Teamwork – We can accomplish more together
  • Focus – We are all about Jesus
  • Opportunity – We believe in the next generation