Next Steps

Next Steps

Discipleship is not a program, it’s a process. Here at Cornerstone, our goal is to provide you opportunities to take the next step in your relationship with Christ.

Spiritual Growth means that you are making progress. That Christ is being formed in you. That your attitudes, thoughts, actions, and character reflect those of Jesus Christ our Savior.

Here are on site, you will find several ways you can take the next step. Wherever you are on your journey of faith, we hope that we can partner with you and help you follow Christ.

We also know that everyone’s journey will not be the same. Your pathway may be different than someone else’s pathway. The important thing is that we all move towards Jesus Christ.

When Jesus transforms people, He does it from the inside out.

Jesus comes to live inside every believer, through the Holy Spirit, initiating dynamic transformation that can best be described as passing from death to Life.  He then begins to live out His Life through us as we surrender to Him and live in intimate connection with Him; this is the essence of discipleship.  We believe that, as this happens, the Life of Jesus will begin to manifest itself in 3 primary relationships:

Our relationship with God (Experience)
Our relationship with Others (Equip)
Our relationship with the World (Engage) 

At Cornerstone, we want to challenge you to grow in all three relationships. Your first step is to learn about how you can grow in each of these three areas.