The Potter and The Clay: Jeremiah – Week 3

The Potter and The Clay: Jeremiah – Week 3

We are in week 3 of a sermon series in the book of Jeremiah. This week we learn about our brokenness before God. Will we allow God to mold and reshape our lives, or will we rebel against God’s hand on our lives? Today we will study Jeremiah 18 and 19 to learn about the potter and the clay.

Sermon Notes:

  • God Cares About the Broken
  • God Wants to Reshape Our Broken Lives
  • Do You Trust God Enough to Admit Your Brokenness?
  • The Warning – If We Refuse God’s Reshaping, We Will Eventually Be Permanently Broken

Scripture Today:

  • Jeremiah 18-19
  • Isaiah 45:9
  • Isaiah 64:8
  • Romans 9:20-21
  • Ephesians 2:10