Everyday Disciple – What is a Disciple?

Everyday Disciple – What is a Disciple?

What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus, and why does it matter? How are we living out being followers of Jesus in the spheres of our daily life? Today, we start a new sermon series In this series learning about what it really looks like to follow Jesus in our everyday life.

We believe that Jesus’ plan for changing the world was discipleship. It can be argued that the way he trained his disciples has had a greater impact than his preaching, teaching, or miracles because he led them to impact the world in the same way he was impacting it. He multiplied himself through discipleship. Today, we look at what being an everyday disciple really means.

Sermon Notes:

  • John 13:15 NLT
  • John 14:9 NLT

What is an everyday disciple?

“Discipleship is learning from Jesus how to live like Jesus.”

Matthew 28:18-20 NLT

How do you keep focused and passionate about living as a disciple every day?

You focus on relationships
* Up – with the father
* In – with others in the family of God
* Out – with the world

Luke 5:12-19 NLT

If you neglect the UP, you will be powerless If you neglect the IN, you will be isolated If you neglect the OUT, you will be comfortable When you build these rhythms into your life, you will start living as an everyday disciple