Come and See Jesus Who Knows Our Future

Come and See Jesus Who Knows Our Future

We live in a world that loves Jesus as a teacher but doesn’t care for Him much as God. The truth is that we can’t have one without the other. Jesus didn’t come as simply a wise man, but as both fully God and fully man. How we react to this truth will affect how seriously we take our Christian faith. To accept Christ is to go all in, offering Him our entire lives. We want to invite you to “come and see” the real Jesus, and learn how He can change your life.

We often have a fear of the future. WE don’t know what to expect, and the uncertainty can scare us. But God knows everything about us, and we can trust Him because He is faithful. This morning, we see how he prepared His disciples to handle the unknown.

Sermon Notes

Jesus prepares us when the timing is right

  • John 12:20-26 NLT

Jesus wanted His disciples to understand the purpose of His death

  • John 12:27-31 NLT

Jesus also prepared them for how He would die

  • John 12:32-37 NLT

Our future may be unknown, but we can still choose to trust God because He is always faithful

  • John 12:44-50 NLT
  • John 13:19-20 NLT
  • John 2:22 NLT
  • John 12:16 NLT