A Generous Life – A Blessed Life

A Generous Life – A Blessed Life

Do you struggle with generosity? Most people in our world today do. But God has a plan for us to combat greed and materialism, and the Bible teaches us the solution is radical generosity in every area of your life. Biblical generosity seeks to please God rather than seeking human reward or acclaim. A giving life is one that honors and gives God your all, knowing that he sees what you have and will reward you at the resurrection.

Today we learn that a blessed life is one that values giving over receiving.

Sermon Notes

Generosity flows from having a purpose in life

  • Acts 2:17-21 NLT

A generous life requires sacrifice

  • Acts 2:22-27 NLT

The world tempts us to think only about ourselves

  • Acts 2:28-34 NLT

Living generously means that we are always looking for ways to bless others

  • Acts 2:35-38 NLT