21 Days of Prayer and Fasting – Why Do I Pray?

21 Days of Prayer and Fasting – Why Do I Pray?

Thanks for joining us today at Cornerstone! Today, we are continuing our new series learning about Spiritual Disciplines. Prayer is our fundamental response to God; it shapes us in his image as we practice it faithfully and consistently. It is the invitation to allow God into our circumstances

Sermon Notes:

• Our relationship with God has 3 Vital Components – Up, In, and Out
• Prayer is a two-way conversation with God
• The Model of Prayer that Jesus gives us is simple, but it is not shallow

Six Areas of Focused Prayer
• The Father’s Character
• The Father’s Kingdom
• The Father’s Provision
• The Father’s Forgiveness
• The Father’s Guidance
• The Father’s Protection

Prayer is The Invitation to Allow God Into Our Circumstances

Scripture Today:

Matthew 6:5-15
Philippians 4:6-7
1 Thessalonians 5:17