Servolution – Churchwide Service Day

Servolution – Churchwide Service Day

Time to get fired up for Servolution Service Day! Servolution Service Day will be Saturday, July 30th starting at 9am. This is a floating day, so if you have two hours from 1pm-3pm…come. If you have 8 hours…come. There is a place for you, no matter your skill level or age, so come to Cornerstone and we will put you to work!

We have some people who have signed up, but we need many more! Many can’t go to Nicaragua, but there is work to do here. Many can’t go to help with tornado or flood relief, but there is work to do here. The ‘work’ is to show Jesus! First, by showing His love through meeting the physical needs of some of our neighbors. Second, by building relationships with those we are serving. Serving is nothing more than an opportunity, a tool, to build relationships that allow Jesus to work in someone’s life.

We will be doing landscape work, porch repair, cleaning windows and basements, light construction and repair, organization, and more! We also have several projects at the church.