Galax’s Hearts United Prayer Vigil
  • 353 North Main Street
    Galax, VA 24333

  • Galax Police Department Courtyard

Galax’s Hearts United Prayer Vigil

We invite Cornerstone to join us for a community wide prayer vigil this Sunday at 6pm. It will be held at the Courtyard of the Galax Police Department.
From the organizers: We are inviting the whole community to come together and prayerfully stand together, united, regardless of race, creed, tradition. We want to stand together, with our law enforcement, and show unity–in order to forge a more hopeful tomorrow, together. Feel free to bring a chair if needed. The prayer service will be about 30-45 minutes. We encourage everyone to participate. Spread the word!
From the Galax Police Department: Please join the Galax Police Department and area Church Congregations from Carroll, Galax and Grayson this Sunday July 24th in the Public Safety Courtyard to rally for Unity and Healing in our communities, state and nation. The event is being organized by area church congregations of all denominations.