Introducing Our 2023 Year-End Offering

Introducing Our 2023 Year-End Offering

Each year, Cornerstone Community Church has made it our mission to begin the Christmas season by honoring the gift God gave us in the birth of Jesus with a gift to Him. This simple idea has become what is known as our annual Christmas Offering. In the past, we have used this offering to support local ministries, put a down payment on our main building, renovate Center 2:42, and establish our Engage Fund for unexpected mission opportunities throughout the year.

Since 2011, we have collected over $241,000 through our Christmas Offering!!!! Our normal mission giving as part of our budget has been over $370,000 in that same time period. That’s over $600,000 that Cornerstone has used in our community. Cornerstone is a generous church that believes in giving back and making a difference in our community.

Seven years ago, Cornerstone decided to stay in downtown Galax, we made a down payment and purchased our current building and parking lot. The total was over $500,000. It is now time to refinance our note; as you know, interest rates have increased significantly.

for our 2023 Christmas Offering, we are asking you to prayerfully consider donating to help us pay down our mortgage!

We currently owe around 200k. With the money we have saved for the refinance, and with what you contribute, we hope to cut that total in half, if not more.

This will enable us to save almost $20k per year in interest charges. That money can be used for ministry. And the balance can be paid off entirely in the next seven years.

God has been faithful. As our ministry has expanded, we have seen lives changed. We have bought and paid for Center 2:42, and it is used almost every night of the week for ministry. We trust that this offering will enable us to keep moving forward.

So, how is this going to work?

no pressure, no guilt, no pledges, no giving campaigns, just pray and give what you can

You can give in person at church on Sunday morning, or online using our Church Center app and choosing the Christmas Fund.

You can also visit our website at https://mycornerstone.org/online-giving and choose the Christmas Fund.

We also have other opportunities to give back to our community this Christmas. Here is how you can help.