Selfie – Following Christ in a Self-Centered World

Selfie – Following Christ in a Self-Centered World


We are starting 2016 with a new sermon series at Cornerstone, Selfie: Following Christ in a Self-Centered World. Even if you’ve never tweeted, posted, uploaded, or commented, you still realize that we all struggle with our identity. During this series, we will look to the Bible for guidance on how to avoid the trap of comparing ourselves to others, on how to live with integrity, on how to avoid people-pleasing, and on how to find our true identity in Christ.

We all have an internal struggle between who we really are and who we pretend to be #CornerstoneSelfie

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We encourage you to be active in sharing about this series on Social Media. You can use the hashtag #CornerstoneSelfie throughout the series to learn what others are saying. Please invite others to join us each week at 9:15 or 11am service. We also encourage you to learn more about your identity in Christ. Here are a few books that would be helpful in your personal study.

Reading List

Bible Reading Plans

  • Altar Ego – 35 Day YouVersion Plan – If you have ever felt insecure, inadequate, or insufficient, then this 35-day reading plan is for you. Instead of living with an outward-driven ego, this plan will help you gain an Altar Ego that is focused more inward. Each day, you will read scriptures and a short devotional that will enable you to begin transforming your ego by laying down your worldly self-image and replacing it with God’s view of you. You are not yet who are you supposed to be, but you can begin the process today of growing into who you are supposed to be in God’s eyes.
  • #Struggles – 7 Day YouVersion Plan – The average person spends 7.4 hours a day staring at screens. We love the incredible benefits of technology, but many of us suspect there are negative consequences of using it. If you feel your digital dependency is becoming unmanageable, this 7 day devotional will help you reclaim a Christ-centered life.