Your Chance to Join Cornerstone as a Member

Your Chance to Join Cornerstone as a Member


During Sunday’s service at Cornerstone, we finished up our series on Belonging at Cornerstone. We have spent the last four weeks sharing about belonging to the Body of Christ. We have also shared about the mission and vision of Cornerstone. Our membership covenant explains our commitment and responsibilities as members of the Body.  The Elders have responsibilities to shepherd the flock entrusted to their care, and each member has a responsibility to serve and support the church.

At the end of the service, we had an opportunity to signup to become a member at Cornerstone. In the future, we will require each person that wants to join Cornerstone to go through a membership class. But for those who have been attending Cornerstone and have watched this series, you can signup by clicking the link below.  After you signup, you will be contacted by an elder. You can read more about membership and about our process at the link below.

We want you to know that Cornerstone is a place where you can belong!

Click Here to Learn More about Membership at Cornerstone

Click Here to Signup as a Member of Cornerstone