Praisin in the Park / Hallelujah Luau Challenge

Praisin in the Park / Hallelujah Luau Challenge

From the Praisin in the Park/Hallelujah Luau Organizers

Most of you have heard about Praisin’ in the Park.  Most of you have probably also attended a Hallelujah Luau event. This year Praisin in the Park will be teaming up with the Hallelujah Luau to bring Felts Park to life!

On Saturday, July 23rd, it all kicks  off with the 5th annual Hallelujah Luau. Fun for families will begin at 1pm and continue until 6pm with games, live music and free food. At 6pm a Youth Explosion Event will include fun, speakers and music targeted at teens.

On Sunday morning July 24th everyone is invited to join us at 11am in Felts Park for a community wide church service. Cornerstone will be moving both our 9:15 and our 11am services to Felt’s Park for this.

Beginning on Sunday night July 24th hundreds of kids will fill Felts Park for the fourth year of Praisin’ in the Park!!!!!  This will be an AWESOME event. Each night Sunday – Wednesday the Bible will come to life as children praise and learn with some incredible fun!!

This all happens in Felts Park with area churches coming together to show kids the love of Jesus. You can find out more information at the Praisin in the Park website at www.praisinpark.com

There are a couple of things that we need your help with.

1.  Your prayers – pray that we would honor God in everything that is done through Praisin’  in the Park and the Luau

Pray that children, teens and adults will come to know Jesus.  This whole event is about honoring God and pointing people to Jesus!

2.  Your financial support.    As we have been planning this event expenses are growing.  Below is a way that you can help.   Our goal is to get at least 200 people to pledge $15 over the next couple of weeks.  We are amazed at the way our community has come together in the past years of the Hallelujah Luau and Praisin in the Park.  Last year we raised over $1400 in this Challenge!

Every donation counts!

Thank you for anything that you can do

Here are instructions for making a contribution:

Send an email to [email protected] stating that you will commit to give $15 (or whatever amount you can give)

You will receive an email back confirming that you are pledging to help and with directions on where to mail your contribution.  Contributions will be received by Mt. Vale United Methodist Church and are tax deductible.  100% of your money will go to help make Praisin’ in the Park and the Luau a success.

You will also receive email updates on how many people have taken the challenge to help us reach our goal of 200 people giving $15. If you would rather contact someone about your contribution by phone you can call Jennifer at 233-2567 or Robin at 233-9277

Please forward this to anyone that would like to be involved!

Thanks for your support!
Your Praisin in the Park and Hallelujah Luau Team