Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

Romans 12:6-8 teaches us that we all have a gift, and that we all have a responsibility to discover it and use it to build up the Kingdom. As we learn together what it means to be a r12 Christian, we want to help you learn to discover your gifts. We have added a Spiritual Gifts assessment on our website to help you discover God’s design for your life. This test is simply a tool to help you think through how God has gifted you.

Click Here to go to the Cornerstone website and take the Spiritual Gifts test. We do ask that you return to the page after you are finished and click on the box to share your results with us.

What is a Spiritual Gift?

Spiritual Gifts are special abilities given by the Holy Spirit and distributed to every believer according to God’s design and grace for the common good of the body of Christ.

How Can I use my Gifts?

The Bible tells us to use our gifts in love. See 1 Corinthians 13:1-13. There are many ministries in our church and around our community that need believers with all kinds of gifts. On Sunday morning, June 5th, we will have representatives from several different local ministries that will be available to answer your questions about how you can get involved and serve.