Service Projects

Service Projects

This is a list of current service projects and needs that we have around the church.  If you or your LifeGroup is interested in helping with any of these project, please contact Randy Kegley or Mike Morris.

  • Rebuild access door for crawl space.
  • Add drop down ladder for attic so we can use attic for storage. Needs to be done by someone who is good at framing and measuring.
  • Work on playground area. Get with Greg to find out details
  • Install coat hooks upstairs – we need an area to hang winter coats. Probably on the long wall near the elevator entrance.  We haven’t purchased any coat hooks yet, so we need to figure out an economical solution that looks good.
  • Replace carpet in elevator and in room at bottom of elevator
  • Touchup paint throughout the church – Hopefully Paula has a paint list for colors
  • Repaint area under steps. We tiled the steps and entrance landing, but the area under the steps needs painting. Since it doesn’t get a tremendous amount of traffic, we hope it will last a little longer.
  • Clean and paint entrance room, ground floor of the elevator
  • Trim weeds and round up the grass/weeds in the parking lot and median where trees are at in back of church.

Service Projects at Paulene’s House

  • She needs some outside yard work. Sticks need picking up and her flower beds need cleaning up. If it’s raining, this one may need to wait.
  • Will need to call and get details of her list

Service Projects at Mrs. Davis’s House

  • Yard work. Weedeating. Trim bushes. Debris removal.