Onward – Sharing Jesus

Onward – Sharing Jesus

Deciding to follow Jesus is like a journey. We are in the middle of a five-week series called Onward: Launching into a New Year. By looking at the important elements of a successful journey and then applying that to our walk with Christ, we can learn how to start the new year with a passion to follow Jesus. If we want to reach our destination, we must be intentional about the journey. Today, we will learn more about how Jesus taught us to share our faith along the journey.

Sermon Notes:

Go Together

  • Luke 10:1 NLT
  • Luke 9:1-6 NLT
  • Matthew 10:5-6 NLT

Know the Season

  • Luke 10:2 NLT
  • John 4:34-38 NLT

Trust Completely

  • Luke 10:3-4 NLT

Look for Peaceful and Welcoming People

  • Luke 10:5-7 NLT
  • Acts 8:25-40 NLT

Proclaim the Truth and Leave the Results to God

  • Luke 10:8-12 NLT