Missing Christmas – Week 3: Don’t Lose Faith

Missing Christmas – Week 3: Don’t Lose Faith

Are you as excited as we are about Christmas! Today we get to celebrate the birth of Jesus. As we learn from the Christmas stories in Matthew and Luke, we can miss out on the real meaning of Christmas. Whether it is distraction, selfishness, disappointment, there are many things that can keep up from being transformed by Jesus’ birth. This morning, in our special Christmas service, we learn about facing disappointment and responding to the confusion and fear in our life. The way we respond will define our faith.

Sermon Notes:

Isaiah 7:14

God is with us in our disappointment and confusion

* Matthew 1:18-19

The way we respond to disappointment will define our lives

* Matthew 1:20-21
* Psalm 31:1-5

Faith is trusting God when life doesn’t make sense

* Matthew 1:22-25

* John 3:16-17