Keeping Our Passion

Keeping Our Passion

Today, we wrap up our sermon series on the first three chapters of the mysterious book of the Bible, Revelation. Revelation is a letter addressed not to an individual but to seven church communities. Each letter first tells the church who Jesus is and how the hearers should live in light of that identity. The messages to the seven churches remain crucial and relevant for us today, and there is something we can learn from each church.

Today, we followup our message last week on what we would want Christ to share with our church. Moving forward as a church means that we continue to stay close to Jesus so we don’t lose our passion. Romans 12 is an incredible chapter that reminds us how we can retain our passion and zeal for the Lord.

Sermon Notes:

Recap from Last Week What would we want to hear from God?

I know your love for God
I know your love for each other
I know your love for your community

But one word of caution: don’t lose your passion

  • Romans 12:11 NIV
  • Galatians 6:9-10 MSG

How do we keep our passion? Start by Surrendering

  • Romans 12:1 NLT

Live a Holy Life

  • Romans 12:2 NLT

Be Selfless

  • Romans 12:3-8 NLT

Serve Others in Love

  • Romans 12:9-13 NLT

Bless Everyone

  • Romans 12:14-21 NLT