Binge Reading The Bible – Week 2 – The History

Binge Reading The Bible – Week 2 – The History

In our world today, many people struggle to understand the Bible. We want to help you see the beauty and relevance of the Bible so that you can apply it to your life. God reveals his will and desires for humankind through each specific section of the Bible, and during this series, we will take a journey from Genesis to Revelation to understand more about God’s Word. Today, we will learn how we can use the Historical Books of the Old Testament to understand God’s faithfulness, his loving discipline, and how our obedience to him can draw others to faith.

Sermon Notes:

God is the hero of the story.

* 2 Chronicles 7:14-22 CSB
* 1 Samuel 8:7-8 CSB
* 1 Samuel 17:8-11 CSB
* 1 Sam 17:34-37 CSB
* 1 Sam 17:45-47 CSB
* 1 Sam 17:48-51 CSB
* Luke 24:25-27 CSB

Who is the hero of your story?