Roof Repair Project

Roof Repair Project

The Roof Project at 352 Snowhill Rd is a go for October 3rd and 4th!This house was damaged by fire and the owners were unable to repair the damage. Contractor Nick Jones from Snowhill Church will be the overseer of the project. On Friday, October 3rd, we will be removing the shingles from the roof, removing the damaged sheetrock from the inside, and replacing any rotten roof sheeting. This prep work will get us ready for Saturday when we will install the new metal roof and put up new sheetrock on the ceiling inside.

We will start each day at 8:00am at the site. Lunch, snacks, and drinks will be provided. Come whenever you are available and stay as long as you can. Please spread the word as we will need as many helpers as possible. Bring a cordless drill if you have one along with any other tools you think might be needed. You will be blessed as God gets all the glory!!

We are also accepting donations to help cover the cost of materials. Please designate any special offerings for this for our “Engage Fund” or roofing project. You can also give online.

Mike Ayers
Missions Director at Cornerstone

Here are a few pictures to show you what we will be repairing