Connect at Cornerstone Podcast

Connect at Cornerstone Podcast

We miss you, but … Connect at Cornerstone Podcast

We miss you at Cornerstone! Even though we are meeting in person, we still miss all of you who are still waiting to start attending services. But … we completely understand and we want you to do what is best for your health. We do want you to stay connected, and this episode of the podcast is all about how you can stay connected. Here are some ideas. Join our Connect at Cornerstone Group on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/connectatcornerstone    This is a safe place where you can post questions and encourage one another. Look for ways to continue serving. We are having our community meal next week. There will also be ways to help prepare our new building for opening. You can stay up to date by going to http://mycornerstone.fyi Think about joining or starting a LifeGroup. We will be starting a new semester of LifeGroups in September. You can plan on doing an in-person group if you can space out or if it is with your close friends you are already around.  You can do a virtual group using Zoom or Google Meet. Or you can do a hybrid group with in-person and online attendance. We will be setting up our community room to help with these groups. We also plan on doing a larger group led by Mike and the Cornerstone Elders. Contact each other! Use email, texts, and phone calls to stay connected with the people you serve with and are connected to at Cornerstone. Thanks for listening. Be sure to let us know how we can pray for you! Go to http://mycornerstone.fyi to let us know.
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