Switching our Online Giving Provider

Switching our Online Giving Provider

When the pandemic started, we were in the process of switching to a new church software provider. We didn’t want to change our online giving process in the middle of all the chaos, so we waited until now.

We are moving away from Tithe.ly, and switching to Planning Center Online (PCO) for our online giving. Planning Center Online is a great service and will allow us to save money each month in processing fees. So how does this affect your online giving?

If you are using Tithely, you will need to stop any recurring gifts

We are hoping to switch all our giving to the new platform by the end of 2020. You will need to stop your current recurring gifts, and recreate them in the new system.

You can cancel your current gift by heading to your tithe.ly account and clicking on the “Recurring Giving” tab from the menu or the “Automated” button from the home screen. From here just click the red trash can next to the gift you wish to cancel. 

Click here for instructions and a video to walk you through the process. If you need help, please contact our church office for assistance.

For New Online Giving

For all new gifts, you can give in a number of ways.

  1. You can give online using the form on our website.
  2. You can give using the Church Center App on your phone. This app also allows you to register for events or LifeGroups at Cornerstone.
  3. You can give by texting the amount to 84321 to give. You can see more instructions on text giving here.

You can choose your payment source as a credit or debit card, mobile payment, or your bank account. Please note, that we are only charged $0.25 for bank account transactions, regardless of the amount, so it is much cheaper than using a credit or debit card. You also will have the opportunity to cover the processing fee for us.

Setup your recurring gifts in Planning center Online

You can also set up your new giving as a one-time or recurring gift. After you enter your amount for your gift, you will have the option to set the frequency for the gift. You can choose a one time gift, weekly, every other week, monthly, or twice monthly. You can also choose the giving fund for the gift.

This change will consolidate all our information in one system to save us time and simplify our ministry. As always, you can still give in person, or by mail to PO Box 757, Galax, VA 24333.

We are thankful that we have the option of online giving. It has enabled us to keep doing ministry in the midst of a pandemic. Our church has been blessed by many who faithfully support the work and ministry of Cornerstone Community Church. Let’s continue partnering together to reach our community for Christ!