Cornerstone Kids Monthly Bible Challenge

Cornerstone Kids Monthly Bible Challenge

Cornerstone Kids and Parents, today is a great day to start the monthly Bible challenge. You can start the challenge by downloading the YouVersion Bible app.  It’s available for all your mobile devices.

Once you download the app, signup for the Bible Reading Plan called “God’s Gift”. You can do this by going to the tab for Plans in the app, and then hitting the search icon. Type in God’s Gift and look for the Bible plan that matches the image in this post. Or, from your computer, click here. Once you find it, you can start the plan and track your progress on your mobile device.

This plan goes along with our series for December! Let us know if you have any questions. This is a great way to get you kids involved reading their Bibles.

And if you have younger children, be sure to checkout the Bible App for Kids.  It’s full of great animations and movies to help your children fall in love with the Word of God.