Join us for our new sermon series starting this week

Join us for our new sermon series starting this week

Can you describe the characteristics of a follower of Christ? If we are called to make disciples, we need to know what one looks like, and we need to know how to share that with others? But unfortunately, most people try to be good. And then you fail, so you try harder to be good, and fail again. Eventually, you quit trying to grow spiritually, and you just go through the motions, and you just show up on Sunday out of obligation, bored, and faking your way through the Christian life.

There is a better way! And we want to help. Let’s learn together what it means to follow Christ. Let’s learn together how real spiritual growth happens.  This Sunday is your opportunity to join us as we dive into the Anatomy of a Disciple. Watch this video to learn more about the study.


Our LifeGroups will also be going through this study together. Now is the perfect opportunity to join a LifeGroup. Click the link below to browse our groups

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We also have books to purchase at Cornerstone that will allow you to study and go deeper. The books also include a code for you to take the online assessment that goes along with the Anatomy of a Disciple. The assessment helps you evaluate your life in different areas to see where you are and how you can grow. The book, Walking with a Limp, is available for  $5 at the Cornerstone Information Desk.

Finally, please invite someone to join you this week at Cornerstone. We would love to have you at our 9:15 or 11am service every Sunday. This will be a great study that can truly transform the way you live so that you can find meaning, purpose, and joy as you follow Christ.