Serving Opportunities During the Fiddlers Convention

Serving Opportunities During the Fiddlers Convention

The 81st Old Fiddlers Convention will be starting on Monday night. Each year, Galax is the hub of Old Time and Bluegrass music, and our church is right in the middle of it!

With all the people coming into Galax, we have a few ways you can serve and help. 

Serving Coffee on Sunday Morning

We will be serving coffee this Sunday morning beginning at 6:30am to those waiting in line for the Fiddler’s Convention. Mike Ayers will be heading this up and could use some smiling faces to help greet those coming into town.

Parking Cars

With the Fiddlers Convention in town, we can park cars on our Cornerstone lot and raise money for ministry. We still need help on both Friday and Saturday night. We will be parking cars from 4:30 to approximately 8pm each night. We can also park cars on Monday night if we have enough help. It’s a good opportunity to interact with visitors to Galax.

If you can help with either of these opportunities, please let us know if you can help by calling or texting Mike at 276-233-2306 or emailing me at [email protected]

Thanks! Pastor Mike

Also remember that on Sunday morning, Main Street will be blocked before our early service. You can use Oldtown Street to cross and enter our back parking lot.