Helping and Serving in Hillsville

Helping and Serving in Hillsville


Our friends at Out of the Box Church in Hillsville are hosting a Servolution Service Day in Hillsville this Saturday. Nicole Llamas from Cornerstone has volunteered to help and coordinate bringing a group from Cornerstone to help.

Here is the info from Nicole.

Hey guys! I wanted to invite you to an awesome opportunity to serve our community alongside people from different churches on Saturday May 21st. Brenda Harmon from OOTB has organized a Servolution day just like the one Cornerstone has done. She has contacted District III Senior Services for the specific needs for Servolution Day! If you are interested in helping to mow, use a weed-eater, plant flowers, do some light housekeeping, or help to build a ramp, this is your chance. We literally need an ARMY of volunteers who will divide up and go to the 3 sites on the 21st. I’m very excited to go out and serve in our community. Please join us and be blessed in serving others! Kendal and I plan on being there! Wouldn’t it be amazing to see so many people show up from churches all around our community to serve not caring which church organized it or who the people are we are serving !! We will meet at OOTB on Saturday May 21st at 9am to be divided up into teams!! We are all busy, we all have activities , housework, other things to do but I believe that we all can make time to serve others! Let me know if you can make it and please share with anyone who you think may be interested !!

Please contact the church office if you would like to help. Thanks!

Here is more information about the projects they will be doing

Our Servolution Day is THIS SATURDAY! We had slightly short notice of the actual needs but they are as follows:
●Needs burn barrels emptied and trash hauled off, as well as some mowing/weed-eating. So we will need trucks, a mower, weed-eaters.
●A gentleman needs a ramp built at his home. I told the man Friday that I did not know if we would actually be able to build Sat. But we would come out and look and it has been brought to my attention that building permits might be needed, so I have to check on that this week.
●Housekeeping, and some planting of flowers, maybe some mowing also.
We are able to use our mower, but we need a trailer to haul it if anyone has one.

I need a headcount of volunteers, please, as we are partnering with Cornerstone, so comment here if you are committed to help, and if you prefer one place over the other, let me know.
Thank You all for BEING the church, GOING out to love and serve, and DOING what God has called us to do. I’m excited about Sat!