Starting New LifeGroups

Starting New LifeGroups


It’s that time of year when we are preparing to start another semester of LifeGroups at Cornerstone. We want to encourage everyone to be involved with a LifeGroup, but for that to happen, we need to have several new group leaders. Here are a couple of different group types if you are interested in leading a group.

Community LifeGroups –LifeGroups are one of the best ways to get connected and grow here at Cornerstone. If you aren’t ready for the bigger time commitment that some of our longer term groups require, we invite you to start a smaller community lifegroup with your friends, family, and neighbors. Start with a 5 or 6 week study and learn how Biblical community can help you grow in your faith. We can supply the curriculum and help get you started. You can open it up for others to join, or you can just do it on your own. You choose. We help.

Discipleship LifeGroups – Followers of Jesus are striving to be like Jesus in every aspect of our lives. Ultimately, discipleship is the biggest goal in every group. Some of our groups do require a larger time investment. We believe going deeper in God’s Word and learning together can truly transform your life. These groups are typically open to anyone who would like to join.

Curriculum – We have a number of DVD studies and we also have thousands of Bible studies and LifeGroup studies available online through RightnowMedia.  Topics include marriage, parenting, work, men’s and women’s topics, books of the Bible, and more. We have a listed a recommended list of studies available at the end of this post.

Don’t let fear and don’t let busyness prevent you from connecting with others.  As a church, we are here to encourage you, support you, and pray for you as you start new groups. 

Interested in Leading a LifeGroup? Click Here to Let us Know.

Good Studies to Start With

  • Simplify – uncluttered your soul –  4 weeks
  • Aha – 6 week – We’ve all had an “aha moment” in our lives, an insight that changes everything
  • It Starts at Home – Learn to Confidently Teach Your Kids About God – Matt Chandler – 6 weeks
  • If – Trading Your If Only Regrets for God’s What If Possibilities – Mark Batterson – 5 weeks
  • Max on Life – Answers and Insights from Max Lucado – 8 weeks
  • Just Walk Across the Room – Evangelism Training – 4 weeks

In Depth Discipleship Studies 

  • R12 – True Spirituality – Chip Ingram 12 weeks
  • Crazy Love – Francis Chan – 10 weeks – Overwhelmed by a Relentless God
  • Not a Fan – Kyle Idleman – Jesus is not interested in fans. He wants completely committed followers.- 6 weeks
  • Forgotten God – Francis Chan – Reversing our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit – 7 weeks
  • Any Beth Moore Women’s studies – 12 weeks
  • Philippians: To live is Christ, to die is gain  – Matt Chandler – 12 weeks