I hope you can do something…

I hope you can do something…

Our Cornerstone Elders will be sharing devotions and thoughts here on our website. Today’s thought comes from Larry Van Hoose.

There’s a line in a classic western I like:

A small-town dentist asks a gunfighter, played by John Wayne, his name?
“Doesn’t matter,” answers the gunfighter furtively.
“Well Mr. Doesn’t Matter, I hope you can do something,” replies the dentist.

Whenever I feel like maybe I should do something for someone, help someone out, be the difference in another’s life for even a brief moment, I get reminded of that story-line. Why? Because in that moment, I am Mr. Doesn’t Matter.  It’s the need that’s important. And the need-er. I’m just the vessel of the moment. I sincerely hope that, in all of my flaws and imperfections, I can get out of the way enough so that God can do something to help that person. It’s in my heart, a burning desire to be use-full.

Sometimes I do well to get outta the way; sometimes not so much. But I keep praying that my heart, my spirit doesn’t dry out and become brittle, broken, discouraged and useless. I pray that His love continues to flow over, in, through, and out of me so that He can keep shaping me, making me new. Not just for my sake, but for His – and theirs.

“Well Mr. Doesn’t Matter, I hope you can do something.” Yeah, me too.