Sharing the Love of Christ Through Service

Sharing the Love of Christ Through Service

Randy Kegley, one of our elders and a leader of our service team, shared the following testimony from a recent service project. We wanted to share it with everyone. Cornerstone is making a difference in the lives of people in our community. Let’s continue sharing the love of Christ!

The woman, Ms Virginia, we moved last night was a sweet little lady not even 5 feet tall.  She was very excited to see us when we met her at the storage to get her stuff.  She didn’t have much furniture but a lot of boxes and trash bags filled with her belongings.

We loaded up and went to Fries to the New River Apartments.  As the others were bringing the items in I was setting up her bed and bedroom so she would have a place to sleep last night.

There was a small folding chair in the room and I asked if she wanted it left in the room and she said just put it in the corner.  She then told me that earlier today she had been sitting in that chair, looking out the window crying and praying.  She began crying as she finished the story.  She said she had asked several people to help her move and no one could.  Her nephew only had a Jeep and could not get much stuff in it.  She finally just sit there and asked God “How can I get my things over to this new apartment”.

The apartment manager for the apartments saw her shortly after that and could tell she had been crying.  She asked what was wrong and she told her.  She then made a few phone calls and someone suggested that she contact Cornerstone Community Church in Galax, they have an outreach ministry that helps people in need. It looks like Cornerstone has a reputation in the community.

Ms Virginia said now here it is 4 hours later and 8 strangers show up, move her stuff and answered her prayers.

As is our tradition before we leave we gather in a circle and explain why we do what we do.  We share Galatians 6:10 and share that because we love Christ and love them we do this and then we pray for the person or family.

Ms Virginia cried and hugged us and thanked us so many times and and she even got in the elevator and thanked us all the way down and as we left the building.

I want to say thank you to all of those who helped last night and to everyone that has helped this team this year.  Last night was wonderful to see God using us to help others and to answer prayers.


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