Update on Our Disaster Relief Collection

Update on Our Disaster Relief Collection

Mike Ayers from Cornerstone was one of many who helped organize our disaster relief collection for Oklahoma this past Saturday. Here is a letter he shared with everyone who helped. If you would still like to help, we ask that you donate directly to either God’s Pit Crew or Samaritan’s Purse. Both are great organizations that are helping with relief.

    First, thanks to everyone who had a hand in organizing and participating in Saturdays collection of supplies and funds for God’s Pit Crew and the Oklahoma relief effort!  This was a great tag-team effort by multiple folks from multiple agencies including the Galax Fire Department, Cornerstone Community Church, Consolidated Glass & Mirror and Walmart of Galax.  Each agency had an important part to play as did each individual who volunteered on Saturday or behind the scenes.  But ultimately, God gets ALL the glory!  This event simply showcased Gods love through the hands and feet of a ton of volunteers as well as hundreds of caring citizens who donated one complete tractor/trailer full of goods and just short of $7000.00 in funds for the victims of the Oklahoma tornado tragedy!
    Thanks to God’s Pit Crew for allowing us to partner with them in assisting in a tangible way across the country.  Each agency represented is accustomed to making a local impact in our community, but working with God’s Pit Crew allows us to extend our reach.
    Let me share with you a few stories of the day.  The morning started a little cold and blustery, but we quickly warmed up with work when a lady pulled up with a full pickup truck load of bottled water donated by Asplund Tree Trimmers and Walmart of Wytheville.  She left Wytheville at 7:00am to drop off the water.  Shortly after, we had a church from Fries give a check for $500.00.  A local business wrote a check for $300.00.  Two individuals wrote large checks, one for $500.00 and one for $700.00! Amazing!  One Sunday School Class had been saving money for some time and decided this was what they would use their money for.  They brought a Zip-loc bag with $82.92 in it raised by little kids with big hearts.  Speaking of little kids, one brought in money they had been saving for the beach.  Another young person got one of our ‘needs sheets’ we were handing out at the door and went inside Walmart.  He returned with a buggy of needed items, then proceeded to open his wallet and give the rest of the money he had!  Many many kids walked up and helped ‘fill the fire boot’ with piggy bank savings.  Some people were not able to give as much as others, but their generosity was not outdone.  I had several individuals walk up and say they just didn’t have anything to give, but would give what they had.  Then they handed me $1.00.  We made sure we shared that God would bless that $1.00 in a mighty way!  These are just a few of the stories of the day.
    The purpose of the day was to bless the people of Oklahoma with help.  Collectively as a nation, our hearts broke and every individual I know wanted to grab a sledgehammer and head to Plaza Towers Elementary.  However, in the process of trying to bless those in Oklahoma, WE received the true blessings!  WE were simply audience to the amazing Grace and Love of Jesus Christ!  Firemen don’t cry too often.  Saturday was an exception.
Mike Ayers
Galax Fire Department