Devotional for Week 1 of From This Day Forward

Devotional for Week 1 of From This Day Forward


This week we are starting a new sermon series at Cornerstone called “From This Day Forward”  This series is for you whether you are married or you plan to be married one day. If you are tired of watching marriages crumble and you are fed up with couples giving up, then we invite you to join us over the next five weeks? Would you like to guarantee that your marriage will last? Join the fight against destruction and make these five commitments to fail proof your marriage.

  • Seek God
  • Fight Fair
  • Have Fun
  • Stay Pure
  • Never Give Up

Our First Commitment for a Healthy Marriage or Dating Relationship is to Seek God Together

This series is based on a sermon series from a church in Oklahoma and we will be using some of their devotional resources to help us as we go through the next five weeks.  You can signup for a Youversion Bible Reading Plan that corresponds to this sermon series by going to the Youversion website here or by browsing the available reading plans on your Bible app and selecting “From This Day Forward”

You can also download a pdf file of the devotional by clicking here

We encourage you to do this devotional each day with your spouse or the person you are dating. Read it , discuss it, pray about it, and then make the changes necessary to improve your relationship. Here is your devotional for week 1.

Day 1: Matthew 22:34-40

God is your “one” and your spouse is your “two.” You’ll never be fulfilled in life until you seek and meet the “one.” God is the only one that can bring true fulfillment.

  • Talk: Share a time when God felt very real to you.
  • Pray: Pray that both of you will develop a renewed passion for God.
  • Do: Briefly write your story of how you came to know Christ as your Savior and then share your stories with each other.

Day 2: Matthew 6:25-34, Jeremiah 17:5-8

You must seek the “one” with your “two.” Not only should you spend time alone with God daily, but you should also spend time with God together.

  • Talk: What things keep you from seeking God? What are some ways you can remove those distractions?
  • Pray: Ask God to help you remove the things that are keeping you from seeking God both individually and together.
  • Do: Agree on a time you will seek God together each day through reading the Bible and praying together.

Day 3: 2 Chronicles 7:11-18

To seek God together you must pray together. Sure, it can be awkward to pray together at first, but consider this: it’s hard to pray with someone you’re mad at. It’s harder to want a divorce from someone you’re praying with. It’s even more difficult to have an affair when you’re seeking God together.

  • Talk: What things in your marriage do you want to bring before God in prayer?
  • Pray: Pray about those things you discussed with your spouse about your marriage.
  • Do: Make a list of things you prayed about. Keep this list in a place where it will remind you to pray together. Feel free to add to your list as things come to mind.

Day 4: John 1:1-18, Psalm 119:97-112

To seek God together as a couple, you must read God’s Word together. God is woven into every area of your life. To realize and understand that fact, you must start with reading the Bible daily because it is through His Word that God speaks to us.

  • Talk: Why is it important to read the Bible together? What should that look like for your marriage?
  • Pray: Pray for God to give you both the discipline to pray and read His Word together every day.
  • Do: Pick one of your favorite Bible verses or passages and read it aloud to your spouse.

Day 5: James 4:1-8, Proverbs 3:1-6

Not only are praying and reading God’s Word vital steps toward seeking God together, but you must also worship together and create your own spiritual traditions. More importantly, you must do life together with God as a couple.

  • Talk: What should it look like for your family to do life together with God? What types of spiritual traditions should you start or revisit?
  • Pray: Pray that God will reveal Himself to each of you in the details of your life because it’s easier to seek God when you believe ynou will see Him.
  • Do: Go on a walk outside together and worship God by enjoying His creation.