Walk to Jerusalem – Week 2

Walk to Jerusalem – Week 2

If you haven’t joined us on our “walk to Jerusalem before Easter”, it’s not too late!  Each week you simply track your  miles on the chart located in the cafe.  You can chart miles walked, ran, or even virtual miles (20 minutes of physical activity equal one mile.)  There are also devotionals for you to read and think about during your walk.  This week’s devotional is about Preparing for the Journery.  Loving relationships with family and friends will continue into eternity. Seize the moment! Enjoy God and people! Keep short accounts! Repair relationships as much as it is in your ability to repair! Forgive!

Jesus told His disciples, “Take nothing for the journey – no staff, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra tunic.” Luke 9:3

Questions to ponder for Week 2:

Are there any relationships in my life that need some repair?

Do I need to make some phone calls?

Do I need to simplify my life?

We encourage you to join us not only for your physical health, but especially for your spiritual well-being!