Thanks from Mike

Thanks from Mike

I wanted to share a post from my blog about the Pastor Appreciation gift that you honored me with. I truly am blessed and thankful that God has allowed me to be a part of something special. You guys are awesome!!

Pastor Mike


Cornerstone is Awesome

Our church really surprised me a couple of weeks ago for Pastor Appreciation month. They had secretly collected money and bought me a brand new iPad 2, keyboard, and case. Not only that, they compiled a notebook full of letters that people had sent in. Ministry can be discouraging at times, but all it takes is one look through that notebook full of letters to realize that I am a blessed man.

I feel like a new kid in a candy store. I’m already finding more and more uses for the iPad in my ministry. My wife has had one for a while now, and she uses it all the time as her main internet device. She had let me use it to preach from, but that was about the only time I got to play around with it. I can finally set mine up like I want to and use it even more.  Here’s what they surprised me with

  • A 32Gig wifi iPad 2
  • The Griffin Survivor Case – this thing is crazy tough. It’s got a kick stand to use to prop the iPad up that I’m using a lot. It’s also an extreme duty case that is shock resistant and water resistant.
  • A bluetooth keyboard when I need to type in a lot of notes
  • An incredible notebook full of personal letters to me and my family. Notes of thanks, notes of appreciation, and notes of encouragement. Let’s just say there were many tears shed as I read through the letters.

So far, my most used apps seem to be YouVersion, Evernote, Logos 4, Kindle, iBooks, Air Display, Wunderlist, Dropbox, Pages, Twitter, and Facebook. It’s also really helped in my studying and note taking for my seminary classes.

Thanks to all my Cornerstone family! You guys are awesome. I am so excited to see how God is working in and through the people of Cornerstone, and I know we are just seeing the beginning of an incredible move of God.  You have been a blessing to my family, and I am honored to serve as your pastor! Greater things are yet to come!