Nicaragua Missions News

Nicaragua Missions News

Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America. To the north it is bordered by Honduras, and to the south by Costa Rica. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the western hemisphere, partly because of the long civil war of the 1980’s and the devastation caused by hurricane Mitch in 1998. The vast majority of the five million inhabitants live in abject poverty with many suffering from severe malnutrition and starvation.

On Saturday, November 26th, fourteen youth and adults will leave early for Nicaragua and will return late on December 3rd.  The arrival location will be Managua, Nicaragua in Central America.  From the Capital City, the group will travel north to Somotillo where they will stay at Casa de Shelly (Mission House) for the next week.  While on the mission field, the group will experience poverty, lost souls and Jesus!  They will be working with their hands to make a better place for the locals; they will be taking medical needs into the villages and will be feeding the hungry.  The work will include testimonies on the radio station and delivering a Christian hand to those in need.  The missionaries will provide words of guidance, messages of salvation and provide for the physical needs of the community.  In addition, the group will work with the Because We Care  Farm to assist the individuals to learn more about how they can provide for themselves. 

Every evening “God’s Moment” will be discussed and how God is working in the lives of the missionaries as well as in the lives of the folks in the community.  The powerful trip will change not only the lives of those in Nicaragua; it will also change the lives of those who go!  It is common that missionaries who go are bolder and more focused in their walk with Christ and this group will not be different.  We can only imagine how God will take care of this group of fourteen and how He will bless them and those they are going to serve.

Please join us in praying for all those individuals whose lives will be changed as a result of this missions trip!