Walk to Bethlehem begins this Sunday!

Walk to Bethlehem begins this Sunday!

Join others in our community as we walk the 6500 miles from Galax, VA to Bethlehem, the birthplace of our Savior!  Our hopes are to arrive in Bethlehem the week of Christmas.  We will have twelve “stops” along our journey.  We will learn about other countries and their culture, their foods, and their ideas about health and wellness.  Each week we will be in a different country and each week you will turn in your “miles” at the designated “drop off”.  For Cornerstone, there are two places you can log your miles:  on our website at https://www.mycornerstone.org/walk-to-bethlehem/ or you can pick up a mileage log at the “Walk to Bethlehem” table located in our cafe.  Simply fill it out and place it in the box located on that table.  Miles can be actual miles that are walked or ran, or can be “virtual miles” using our physical activity conversion.  Remember that 20 minutes of physical activity equal one mile.  Whether you are washing your car, weed eating, playing golf, walking, running, biking, whatever—it all counts!  Turn in your miles each Sunday and find out what country you are walking to next!  Everyone is able to add to our miles!  This is a community effort—17 congregations and the employees of TCRH are working together to make it the 6500 miles.

We leave Galax this Sunday, September 25th.  Our first stop is New York City on October 2nd.  This first week questions to ponder along the way include: Are there areas in your life that are disciplined?  Are they physical or spiritual disciplines?  Are there areas in your life that are not disciplined?  Are they physical or spiritual?

We’d love for you to go on this journey with us!  Put on those walking shoes and let’s get walking together!!!

If you need more information, you can contact Larissa Baker at 233-7330.